Sheldon Fingerman
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
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I can offer you services that are sure to meet your needs:

1. This is a coaching service taught on an hourly basis. No certificate is awarded and we will work on whatever you want at your own pace. Many students are using this service to familiarize themselves with guns they just purchased, inherited or received as gifts.

2. This service is a one or two-day course emphasizing firearm safety and shooting essentials. A firearms safety and fundamentals certificate will be awarded that you can apply towards a concealed carry permit in many states. The certificate is not endorsed by the National Rifle Association, but the subject material is based on the NRA course and exceeds the requirements of the State of Colorado for a concealed carry permit. All students will receive a copy of the NRA publication "The Basics Of Pistol Shooting," which contains much of the material covered in the course and then some.

3. This is the genuine NRA basic pistol course. It is 10 hours long, and you will receive a NRA certificate and basic rocker upon completion of the course and after passing a test. This certificate will also get you a concealed carry permit, and the course also includes many NRA books and pamphlets that will make a nice edition to your firearms library.

The first part of each course (2. and 3.) will be taught in your home. The second part of the course (shooting fundamentals) will be taught at the Lake Christine Shooting Range in Basalt. Both 2. and 3. will get you a CCW permit for Colorado.

NEW!!!  Have fun learning basic gun safety and fire a variety of handguns/rifle.  No gun or experience necessary.  Must be 18.  Private and groups welcome.  All classes confidential.  Classes will meet at the Basalt range at times agreed on by the students and the instructor. These are private and semiprivate classes.

If you are ex police or military you may not have to take a course to get a CCW permit. Check the instructions for the permit you want or call me for more information.

Out of state permits. To the best of my knowledge, the certificate you receive from me to get your Colorado permit is also applicable for a Florida out-of-state permit. Regardless, you should have a Colorado permit. Colorado does not recognize out-of-state permits if you do not live in that state.

Why would somone want an out-of-state permit? Out-of state permits can extend your range when you carry. Check the link below to see what state honors what permit.

Fingerprinting. I can now take your fingerprints for out-of-state permits as required. I can also take your photo, but it will take a couple of days to get it (has to be sized and printed).

Link to application for Florida permit:

Link to CCW reciprocity (what permits are honored in what states):

For prices and more information please email or call me.

                                                                      Sheldon Fingerman


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